DC Votes for Real Democracy

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DC Votes for Real Democracy

Dear Friends,

The pundits have just about called the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton, however we know that when more progressive ideas are articulated in the public arena it forces candidates to deal with the issues in a deeper way, and address issues that they would rather not deal with.  

As the DC primary comes upon us we are strongly supporting Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.  We share Senator Sanders’ agenda to confront crucial issues that are so important to the people of this country: income inequality, campaign finance reform, mass incarceration, racial and social justice, the right to vote, foreign policy, health care for all, climate change, etc. These issues cannot continue to be ignored.  

Bernie Sanders, with both his record of leadership over the years and his platform, has spoken out against injustice in ways that are virtually unprecedented in the history of U.S elections. His grassroots support that has almost completely funded his campaign is speaking loud and clear that we want meaningful change and we need to give a voice to those who are often voiceless. We believe that in order for our voices to be heard and to implement a truly progressive agenda in this country, we need to challenge the status quo in the Washington, DC primary and strengthen the people's agenda going into the Democratic convention. To his credit, Senator Sanders is not taking DC for granted and is continuing his candidacy through DC’s primary, the last in the national calendar. We want to rally as many DC voters as possible around Bernie, so we can send him to the convention with an impressive number of delegates in order to push the democratic agenda more towards justice. The consequences of not doing so will be detrimental to so many. Please join us and cast your democratic vote for Bernie Sanders.

In Solidarity,

Rev. Graylan Hagler


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